As with our philosophy to riding as a whole, our philosophy on caring for your horse is based on meeting your needs and goals through a customized program. To reach that we focus on nutrition, conditioning and schooling, which is combined with an exact training schedule.

Saddle River Equestrian offers two levels of service.  The two levels are Groom Service Board and Full-Service Board.  Each level of service is detailed in the price list (available upon request).  We believe that these levels of service will better accommodate your needs, giving you more flexibility with your horse, without sacrificing the essentials needed for the care and health of your horse.


Groom Service Board


Stall cleaning, daily turnout, feed, hay, and water.  Blanket changes are included.  In addition, the following services are provided:

  • Your horse is assigned to a professional groom who is responsible for tacking/untacking, daily grooming, tack cleaning, laundry for saddle pads and polo wraps, and blanket changes as necessary.
  • Additional services provided include Injections (does not include medicine), hand walking, lunging, bandaging, wrapping, bathing, maintenance muzzle, ear and leg clipping.
  • Setting up meds cups/supplements and mane pulling.

Full Service Board


All of the above services of Groom Service Board included.  In addition, the following services are provided:

  • This option includes up to 12 services per month for you and your horse.  The services may include lessons or professional training rides or a combination of both.
  • Services exceeding 12 per month are charged à la carte.
  • Tack walking and lunging (as needed) are also included within this service, as well as discounted day fees at shows.

Services cannot transfer/carry over to the next month.  Full Service Board cannot be transferred to another animal (i.e. services cannot be used on another animal if your horse is on stall rest, vacation or undergoing treatment for lameness, sickness, etc.)

 Please contact us to discuss the level of service and associated pricing best for you and your horse.