Developing a personalized training program with short and long term goals for both horse and rider is a primary objective at Saddle River Equestrian.  All of our horses are cared for on an individual basis and our trainers and staff are dedicated to maximizing each horse's potential, while keeping them sound, sane and happy.

If you have a young prospect you'd like brought along quietly, a show horse that needs schooling, a horse that's been laid up and requires being brought back carefully, or you simply would like your horse exercised when you can't be there, the trainers at Saddle River Equestrian will create an appropriate program to ensure the best possible health for your horse.

Specializing in the education and development of horses and riders, we work diligently to produce a winning combination for you and your horse both at home and in the show ring.

Please contact us to discuss more about the training that is right for you.